XMF 2019 — Xyyp Music Festival


Mongolian one of the largest music festival will be held on this august.

If you plan to travel Mongolia within this summer, we suggest you to visit the one of the biggest Mongolian international music festival.

XMF 2019, Mongolian one of the largest music festival will be held on 23 & 24 August at the National Sports Stadium this year. Every year XMF aim to bring out the new hidden talent on the stage and to show how they can take over the audience by storm. XMF also bring in wide-range of international team and artists to their festival.

This year, they are creating the most fascinating stage by introducing completely different theme and concept with our new innovative technology and highly professional team.


— Professional VJ from Amsterdam will be hosting all the contents that will be screening on the LED Screens. This means the sound and the graphics will be in perfect mix.
— 250sqm stage will be welcoming all the guests.
— VOID Acoustics’ Sound & Audio system will be operated by our professional sound engineering team.
— XMF 2019 Festival will be decorated by the works of top designers in the field with the most unique theme and concept. 500sqm banner will be created for the festival.
— Over 400 lighting equipment will be situated at the festival in order to create the most captivating experience.
— 1100 piece high resolution 4K LED Screen will be built by the professionals with 10 years of experience.
— Over 600 young professional experts of each major fields will be working backstage to bring the most fascinating event of the year here in the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Clinck here to watch the photos of XMF 2018

Source: https://www.facebook.com/xyypmusicfestival


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